miWay is a simple life insurance policy. It provides money either in the event of you passing away, your Selected Biological Family Member passing away, or you becoming totally permanently disabled suffering from a named critical illness or you becoming hospitalized for more than two nights. There is also an optional savings account.

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Who is this Policy for?
  • Anyone who is concerned about the increasing cost involved in laying loved ones to rest.
  • Anyone who would want to organize a befitting funeral for their loved ones.
  • Anyone looking for an insurance policy that is easy to sign up with premium contributions and claims request accessible by mobile phone
  • Anyone who wants a savings product, that is convenient and managable on their phone
  • Anyone whose family will look up to him/her to bear most of the funeral expenses of a deceased family member.

The policy is purchased through MTN Mobile Money and you will need to register a Mobile Money account. The issue age for this policy is 18 to 59 for the subscriber and 18 to 74 for the Selected Family Member.

Both insured and selected family member must be in good health condition and resident in Ghana before registering

Terms and conditions apply

Cover and Benefits
  • At the time of purchase of this policy you select the loved ones to cover and your desired level of cover, which determines your monthly premium.
  • The miWay policy allows you to cover yourself and one Selected Family Member, who may be your spouse, biological parent, sibling or child.
  • You are covered against death,  total permanent disability, critical illness  and hospitalization while your selected dependent is covered against death.
  • The waiting period for the subscriber is six (6) months and that of the Selected Family Member is six (6) months and is effective when first premium is deducted.
Your charge
Your benefit Selected Family
Member benefit
GH¢ 5.50 GH¢ 1,600 GH¢ 1,600
GH¢ 9.50 GH¢ 3,700 GH¢ 3,700
GH¢ 11.50 GH¢ 4,800 GH¢ 4,800
GH¢ 16.50 GH¢ 6,900 GH¢ 6,900

GH¢ 20.50

GH¢ 33.50

GH¢ 9,100


GH¢ 9,100

GH¢ 16,600

Premium Payment

Premium payment starts at the purchase of the policy and lasts for the duration of cover. Premiums are paid through the MTN MoMo platform. Premium payment for insurance will be deducted from your MTN Mobile Money wallet once per month.

Other Features
  • To protect your benefits against inflation, the policy includes a 10% automatic premium adjustment and a 7.5% benefit adjustment, to be applied annually.
  • A cashback benefit of 5% of annual premiums will be paid back to you at each policy anniversary, provided no claim is made.
  • Subscribers can manage their own policy by dialing *165# on any MTN phone.
  • The subscriber will be credited with 5% of total premiums paid within a year if they do not make a claim during the period.
  • Subscribers will receive an SMS to inform them if monthly premium deduction was successful or unsuccessful.
Optional Benefits
  • You may choose to make additional premium contributions towards a purely investment account.
  • The policy includes an optional savings account which allows the subscriber to make additional contributions towards savings. Savings contributions are set at GH¢ 5 with the maximum amount set at GH¢ 100
Advantage of this Plan
  • The miWay plan is simple, accessible and affordable.


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