miEducation is a term policy that helps you build enough savings to cater for the future education expenses of your child(ren). A large portion of your monthly contributions will be invested on your behalf, while the remaining amount goes towards providing you a life cover.
Who is this Policy for?
  • Anyone who is interested in the academic progress of their children.
  • Anyone who wants to be able to save enough towards their children’s university education.
  • Anyone who wants their children to achieve their dreams, even in their absence.

The policy is designed to last for any period from 7 years to 20 years and you will have to be between the ages of 18 years and 52 years to purchase this policy.

  • At the time of purchase of this policy, you select how long you want to be covered for and the monthly contribution you want to make.
  • In the unfortunate event that you pass on or become totally permanently disabled, we will continue to pay your monthly contributions on your behalf into your investment account until the end of the selected term.
  • At the maturity of the policy we will pay out your total fund value which would be your investment contributions plus earned interest, minus any withdrawal made during the duration of the policy.
  • The policy allows partial withdrawals from your accumulated investment value once every year, after the first 13 months of premiums payment period. These partial withdrawals shall not exceed 50% of your accumulated investment value.
Monthly Contribution

Monthly contribution starts at the purchase of the policy and ceases at the end of the selected term.

Other Features
  • To protect your benefits against inflation, the policy includes an annual 10% automatic premium adjustment.
Optional Benefits
  • The policy allows you to purchase additional life cover which will be paid to your beneficiary, if you pass on. This benefit will not be paid into your account but will be paid directly to your beneficiary in order to provide financial security until the end of the policy term when they receive the maturity value.
Advantage of this plan

miEducation gives you the assurance that the future education expenses of your kids are secured.


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