miTribute is a funeral plan that helps you secure funds to enable you and your family organize a befitting funeral for a departed family member. The plan pays out a lump sum to help cater for the funeral expenses when a covered family member dies.

Who is this Policy for?
  • Anyone who is concerned about the increasing cost involved in laying loved ones to rest.
  • Anyone who would want to organize a befitting funeral for their loved ones.
  • Anyone whose family will look up to them to bear most of the funeral expenses of a deceased family member.

You will have to be between the ages of 18 years and 54 years to purchase this policy. The maximum entry age for any family member you decide to cover is 74 years.

Cover and Benefits
  • At the time of purchase of this policy, you select the loved ones to cover and your desired level of cover, which determines your monthly premium.
  • The miTribute policy allows you to cover yourself and any of the following family members - spouse, parents, parents-in-law and two named close relatives.
  • The policy also provides free cover for up to four of your children less than 21 years of age.
  • The minimum death cover per life that can be purchased for yourself or your family member is GH¢ 2,000 and the maximum is GH¢ 30,000. However, the maximum cover for your child and the two other close relatives is up to half your selected cover.
  • If you happen to die through an accident, your beneficiaries will receive double the death benefit.
Premium Payment

Premium payment starts at the purchase of the policy and ends

    • When you turn 60 years, if you purchased the policy before or on your 50th birthday; or
    • Ten years after you purchased the policy, if you purchased the policy after your 50th birthday.
Other Features
  • To protect your benefits against inflation, the policy includes a 10% automatic premium adjustment and a 7.5% benefit adjustment, to be applied annually.
  • A cashback benefit of 5% of annual premiums will be paid back to you at each policy anniversary, provided no claim is made.
Optional Benefits
  • You may choose to make additional premium contributions towards a purely investment account.
Advantage of this plan
  • The miTribute plan is simple and affordable and does not include any fancy plan design which would increase cost and add little value to the benefits.

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