Group Life

Group Life is an annual renewable policy which provides substantial coverage for the employees of a company. This product provides absolute peace of mind to companies in terms of providing benefits or compensation to their employees. 

Who is this policy for?

Any recognized group or corporate body that wants to provide cover for their members or employees against life’s unfortunate events.

Cover and Benefit

The policy covers death of a member, with an option to add any or all of the following selected benefits:

  • Total permanent disability as result of illness or accident
  • Total temporary disability as result of accident
  • Named critical illnesses (including Cancer, Stroke, Kidney failure, Paraplegia, Blindness, etc.)
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Hospitalization
  • Workmen’s compensation

To be eligible for cover, the employee should at the date of the application not be more than 60 years and in good health. However, individuals above 60 years may be considered subject to separate underwriting consideration