miLife Insurance Ltd is a Ghanaian success story. The company has grown a premium income over the period of its inception in 2005 to over GHc24.0 million in 2017; growing from the 17th position in 2005 to 8th position in 2017. miLife is currently capitalized at GHS 56.8 million making it one of the most capitalized life insurance companies in Ghana. Its capital has gone up by almost four times of the regulatory capital requirement of GHS 15 million. 

miLife focuses on providing, simple, affordable and more accessible  life and savings insurance products to the mass market. The business provides educational, savings, funeral and term assurance policies. It also provides group life covers which offer protection for death, disability and critical illnesses. 

The company utilizes mobile technology and uses its over 400 retail agency force to reach out to the mass market. miLife currently reaches over 200,000 lives, of which 52% are women and 70% are low income earners. 

The company started in 2005 as CDH Life Assurance, being the 17th Life assurance company to be licensed by the National Insurance Commission (NIC). The company’s name changed from CDH Life Assurance to Golden Life Assurance in 2010 and later to UT Life Insurance Company Limited after it was acquired by UT Holdings in 2012. 

Leapfrog Investments acquired the business in December 2015, with the purpose of guiding miLife to reach new heights in the insurance market, by providing innovative and affordable life Assurance products and services. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leader in helping Ghanaians build their dreams, one customer at a time.

Our Mission

Make insurance simple, affordable and more accessible, providing our customers and their families with a smoother path to their dreams.