Welcome to miLife!

We help Ghanaians build their dreams with affordable life insurance solutions.
miLife Insurance Ltd. is a remarkable success story from Ghana. Since 2016, our company has experienced extraordinary growth, surpassing GHc200 million in premium income by 2022. We have risen from the 17th position in 2005 to a prominent 6th position in 2022 in the life insurance industry ranking.
Our dedication to excellence and growth has been recognized by the prestigious Ghana Club 100 Awards, crowning miLife as the leader in the insurance industry for 2022. Among 100 esteemed companies, we proudly claimed the highest rank for an insurance company, securing the enviable position of #37. This achievement showcases our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our customers.
At miLife, our journey revolves around providing simple, affordable, and easily accessible life insurance products to the people of Ghana. We understand the importance of helping Ghanaians build their dreams, which is why we forge partnerships with trade unions and leading telecom providers such as MTN and Vodafone. Through these collaborations, we offer tailor-made life insurance solutions that cater to the needs of Ghanaians.
With a network of over 500 retail agents and the power of mobile technology, we connect with the masses, ensuring our life insurance solutions reach every corner of Ghana. Currently, miLife impacts the lives of over 500,000 individuals, with 52% being women and 70% falling into the low-income bracket.
miLife's journey began in 2005 as CDH Life Assurance, and after transformative phases, we were acquired by Leapfrog Investments in December 2015. This strategic partnership aimed to propel miLife to new heights by introducing innovative and affordable life assurance products and services.
We take pride in our accomplishments and continue to strive for excellence. At miLife Insurance Ltd, we are more than just an insurance provider; we smoothen the paths to the dreams of our customers and their families. Join us on this remarkable journey.
Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leader in helping Ghanaians build their dreams, one customer at a time.

Our Mission

Make insurance simple, affordable and more accessible, providing our customers and their families with a smoother path to their dreams.