GNAT Heritage Cash Back Plan

The GNAT Heritage Cash Back Plan is a ten-year income protection plan design for members of groups or institutions. It allows the member’s family to continue to live out their dreams in the unfortunate event of their death or total permanent disability. This policy also returns all of a member’s premium contributions with a bonus at the end of the policy term, if no claim is made.

Who is the Policy for?
  • Anyone who is the breadwinner of their family.
  • Anyone with dependents.
  • Anyone who wants to protect the dreams and wellbeing of their family even in their absence.
Cover and Benefits

Heritage Life provides cover against death and total permanent disability. In the unfortunate event of your death, a death benefit will be paid to your beneficiary, while a total permanent disability benefit will be paid to you if you become disabled.

You are reimbursed your total premium contribution plus a bonus of 20% on all contributions:

  • If you survive the term of the policy without making a claim; or
  • If you exit from the member institution due to retirement or termination of employment.
How the Policy Works
  • The institution of which you are a member joins Heritage Life.
  • You sign up as a member of the scheme through your institution, select your benefit cover, inflation protection and monthly premium.
  • You pay your premiums through the institution.
Premium Payment

Premium payment starts at the purchase of the policy and ends at the end of the policy term or when you exit the institution.

Other Features

To protect your benefits against inflation, the policy includes a 10% automatic premium adjustment and a 7.5% benefit adjustment, to be applied annually.

Advantages of this Plan
  1. The insurance contract is reviewed and approved by your institution
  2. Easy payment of premiums
  3. Benefits are protected against Inflation
  4. Return of premium plus a bonus if no claim is made

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